AMX DGX-3200

AMX DGX-3200


HDMI/HDCP Switching – End-to-end distribution of HDMI/HDCP without interruption or key constraints using InstaGate Pro® Technology

4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) Content Ready – Designed to support future resolutions for years to come

HDCP Compliance Over Fiber – Compatible DXLink Fiber boards transmit uncompressed video, including HDCP protected content, up to 10 Km at 10 Gbps (single mode fiber options transmit 10 Km, multimode 300 m)

Fiber Your Way – DXLink Fiber boards are available in single mode or multimode; simplex or duplex

AV and Control over Twisted Pair, Fiber or Both – Send audio, video, bi-directional control and Ethernet over twisted pair or fiber cable, or integrate both into the same system

Embedded NetLinx NX Integrated Control Processor – Allows any connected device to be managed, monitored or controlled

Integrated Ethernet Switch – Pass Ethernet through the attached DXLink Twisted Pair or Fiber Transmitters and Receivers

Analog to Digital Video Conversion with Scaled Outputs – Converts any source signal to digital and uses SmartScale Technology to automatically output video that is perfectly scaled for each connected display

Onboard Web Configuration for all Aspects of the DGX System – Greatly simplifies the setup and configuration of Enova DGX systems including DXLink endpoints drastically reducing installation time

Automatic Setup of DXLink Endpoints – Simplified installation by auto-discovering DXLink devices when they are connected to an Enova DGX

Single IP Address Required for Multiple Endpoints – Reduces the need for IT administrators to provision numerous IP addresses across the system for transmitters and receivers

Unrivaled Network Security – With Dual NIC to isolate AMX or third-party AV equipment from the primary network, IPv6 and wired 802.1X for protected network access, and user-defined LDAP login group support, the Enova DGX provides rock-solid security

Independent Routing of Audio and Video Using Audio Switching Boards – Provides increased flexibility to combine and separate audio from video in a variety of applications

AxLink Port – Makes it easier to connect AxLink devices like keypads directly to the Enova DGX

InstaGate Pro Technology – Easily integrate HDCP into system designs and enjoy hassle-free matrix switching to all compliant displays. No tools, no delays, and no key constraints – it just works

SmartScale Technology – Automatically responds to the display's declared EDID information and scales the video to the best resolution and video parameters for that display without manual setup; this prevents inferior video quality when sources are forced to lower resolutions to support the least capable display in the system

DXLink Twisted Pair Input and Output Boards – HDCP Compliant boards send audio, video, control, Ethernet and power over one standard twisted pair cable up to 200 m – 100 m to the matrix switcher and 100 m after the matrix switcher, see the Cabling for Success with DXLink white paper for more details

Easily Convert Analog to Digital Signals – Use the Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher in conjunction with DXLink Multi-Format Transmitters (Twisted Pair or Fiber), and easily integrate legacy analog sources and automatically convert their signals to digital

Hot Swappable Video Input / Output Boards – Easily add or replace I/O boards at any time after deployment - the system automatically recognizes the new configuration and activates the boards

3D Support – Pass through latest video formats including 3D and Deep Color

Surround Sound Support – Pass through high definition surround sound including Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS, and 2-channel through 8-channel L-PCM

High Speed Digital Switching – 26 Gbps* ensures perfect pixel for pixel reproduction of video

Fully Redundant Power Supplies With Independent Power Paths – Ensures maximum reliability for applications that require 24/7 uptime

*Enclosures manufactured on or after June 1, 2016, those manufactured before that time have a per channel aggregate data rate of 12.8 Gbps.


Maximum IO Range

32x32. Enclosure holds up to 8 input boards and 8 output boards; each board has 4 connections


Per Channel Aggregate Data Rate (Max)

26 Gbps


With Extractors and Mounting Ears: 10 1/2" x 19" x 21" (26.54 cm x 48.3 cm x 53.54 cm)

Integrated Controller

NetLinx On Board Master is an NX Class Controller

Integrated Front Panel Control

Integrated front control panel with key selections for each input/output, four control keys for system switches and attributes, and an LCD to display the menu screen.

FG Numbers





Ritalankatu 31

33400 Tampere

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